Hartford updates from City Admin. Steve Volkert

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Steve Volkert, City Administrator

DATE: January 22, 2016
SUBJECT: Weekly Memorandum of Administrative Activities and Issues
Administrators Update: This week’s memo is relatively short due to the fact that I was on vacation this week and did not have the opportunity to meet with the staff except briefly on Friday. My week in Mexico brought about a very needed opportunity to bring my adult children together to remind them what’s truly important in life…family.
Emergency Radio Update: Chief Groves reported that at this week’s Chief’s meeting, they explained that the complete radio project in Washington County will be starting February 1st and will take up to June of 2017 to complete. We will be able to purchase radio consoles at the negotiated price up until the end of 2018.
Fun-Run this Sunday: There will be a 5k and 10k fun run this Sunday in the streets of Hartford starting and ending at the Chandelier Ballroom. Chief Groves put out a press release letting residents know to watch for runners in the streets during this event.
Hwy 83/60 WE Energies work: WE Energies was back working Tuesday. They did not work Monday due to the cold temperatures. They were preparing for boring and installation of the north-south section of gas main along the west of Hwy. 83. They began fusing pipe and laying out the new gas main and along Hwy. 83 just north of Hwy. 60. The pipe was installed Wednesday.
After this gas main was installed, the contractor began with the lateral connections to the new gas main. I believe they said there are about 6 to 8 laterals they need to connect. In order to connect the laterals to the new main, they need to open holes in the sidewalk area. The contractor will keep these holes protected when they are not working in them.
The contractor did remove the larger steel plates from the roadway Tuesday. These were left to protect the trenches from last week’s work. The patches in these trenches are now strong enough to carry traffic.
The open holes in the southern most eastbound lane of Hwy. 60 will continue to remain open until the gas work is completed. The contractor continues to keep these holes protected with barrels and fencing.
Annual Chamber Dinner: You are invited to the Annual Chamber Dinner on Thursday, March 3rd at the Chandelier Ballroom. If you are interested in attending, please let Julie Hanrahan know by February 21st and she will make the reservation for the group. The keynote speaker is Peter Feigin, President of the Milwaukee Bucks.
Governor’s Listening Session: As part of the Working for Wisconsin: 2020 Vision Project, Governor Walker will be holding a listening session in Jackson on Thursday, February 11th. The session will be held at the Jackson Village Hall from 1:30 to 3:00 pm.
This will be a unique opportunity for you to voice your thoughts on economic development priorities directly to the Governor. Real testimony from real local leaders such as yourself will make a difference in helping to ensure that the priorities of Washington County municipalities are considered in the shaping of his strategies.

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