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WBHS Principal Bill Greymont to resign at end of year

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West Bend East and West High School Principal to Resign at End of School Year

The West Bend School District announced today that Bill Greymont, the lead principal of East and West High School, has resigned his position, effective at the end of the school year.  In an announcement to his staff today, he stated:

After much thought, I have made the decision to resign from my position as principal of East and West High Schools, effective June 30.  I feel I am not living up to my core belief that family comes first and I need to find a way to increase my presence as a father and a husband.  Being the principal of one of the largest high schools in the state of Wisconsin makes that difficult.

I am also fully dedicated to the success of the students and staff at East and West and feel it is most appropriate and important to announce my resignation now so that the district and high school can find the most qualified person to lead this great institution.  I was hired and began working at the beginning of August 2014, just before teacher and staff in-service training began.  Based on that experience, I believe it is critical for new leadership to have as much time as possible to see the strong practices in place, meet with the staff and students, and develop a rapport with the community.

I am proud of the Spartans and the Suns for their academic reputation and the teachers and staff who I serve with every day.  Together we achieved above average results in the state assessment and Advanced Placement achievement, established new freshman orientation and Welcome Week procedures to help all students make a better transition into the school, created an environment that led to the best Homecoming spirit seen in many years, and are currently working to increase student achievement through teacher leadership on building level goal teams.

I appreciate the support I received from you, the staff, and the community and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to lead and end this school year with the great kids of West Bend.


Greymont started with the West Bend School District in August 2014. Greymont replaced Jim Curler who left for a post in the Slinger School District.

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Photo courtesy West Bend School District

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