WB to enter Deer Management Assistance Program

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The West Bend Common Council is expected to pass a resolution tonight authorizing a city representative for Deer Management Assistance Program participation. (DMAP)


Basically it’s a formal agreement to enter DMAP.

The item reads: By entering into the DMAP agreement, it will allow the city and the DNR to work closely together to help determine what our deer population is and what effect it has on the city. The DNR will conduct site visits with city staff to view deer browse and discuss potential options. It will be the city’s responsibility to conduct deer herd counts.

To be clear, by entering into this agreement, it does not lock the city into either controlling or not controlling the deer population. It simply starts the process of gathering information. Once a baseline of information is established, further discussion can then take place regarding deer management.


The issue of deer in the city came up in August after some alderman suggested the deer population was getting out of control in West Bend. Someone brought up hunting deer in the parks with crossbows which led to more discussion about whether there was really a problem.

The mayor made a suggestion to further study the issue on deer population and Monday night’s application is the next step in the process.


Tonight’s council meeting gets underway at 6 p.m.


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