Weekly Washington Co. updates from administrator Joshua Schoemann

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·  Hartford Reliever Route Update – We continue to make progress in the early stages of this project revitalization effort. This week Scott Schmidt and I had a follow-up meeting with a few key players from the Hartford Area Development Corporation.  The meeting was aimed at discussing the recommendation(s) of the 2005 plan and how those may or may not be relevant today.  From the County side this project will be discussed at length next week starting with the Executive Committee on Monday at 9am and then the Transportation Committee on Tuesday at 8am.

·  Suspension of Assessment Committee – This week, I informed members of the County Based Assessment Committee that after careful consideration of my goals and priorities for 2016, the Executive Committee has directed me to suspend our efforts to investigate and spearhead County Based Assessment.  It was Executive’s feeling that the project would require a substantial amount of technical, political and financial resources of the County.  Given the hefty list of goals which were developed for 2016, at this time the Executive Committee feels that those resources will be better spent on furthering those priority initiatives.

·  Facilities Division Update – As you are probably aware, Jamie Ludovic is expecting a baby on or around March 8.  During her leave, I have asked Jay Shambeau to take on her oversight responsibilities of the Facilities Division.  During the next month, he will be attending committee meetings and other facility project meetings to ensure a smooth transition of these tasks and projects.  If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me.

·  Human Services Ride Alongs – This week I had the opportunity to ride along with Staff from each the Behavioral Health Division and the Children and Families Division.  Unfortunately the ride along with Children and Families had to be rescheduled, so I am looking forward to that opportunity.  However, yesterday I did get a chance to ride along on a few client visits on the Behavioral Health side and  got a priceless perspective on the important work that our Mental Health team does each and every day.  More importantly, I got the unique privilege to see the positive impact that the work of the Human Services Department has on the lives of our clients.  While it is easy to get caught up in budgets and fraud, waste and abuse, it is important to remember that we truly are a safety net service for some people.  An extra special THANK YOU to Kellie Brinker, and her clients Lisa, Alex and Sharon, for allowing me to be a witness to the real life work that we do every day.  Also, thank you to Lisa Bednarek for being willing to share a similar experience in Children and Families.  I hope to get that experience rescheduled very soon!


Moving on….

  • Patricia Clark – Samaritan – Retiring


  • Ted Guszkowski – Human Services Department
  • Brittany Johnson – Samaritan Health Center


·         Lynette Hanrahan – Program Assistant/Receptionist – Human Services Department

Active Recruitments

  • Activity Aide, CNA, LPN, Registered Nurse, RN (Relief Supervisor) – Samaritan
  • Medical Assistant, Senior Social Worker – Human Services Department
  • Environmental Health Specialist, Public Health Nurse, WIC Nutritionist – Health Department
  • Project Manager/Deputy Surveyor – Highway Department
  • Corrections Officer – Sheriff’s Department
  • Administrative Intern – Administration Department
  • Custodian – Facilities Department
  • Senior Court Assistant – Clerk of Courts

CONGRATULATIONS to the following employees for their years of service at the County!!


Janet Arndt – Health Department


Beth Landt – Samaritan


Kim Nass – County Attorney

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