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West Bend elementary schools surpass state average in reading and math


According to 2014-15 assessment information released today from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, West Bend School District elementary schools outperformed the state average in reading by 14 points in third grade and 10 points in fourth grade.

Results in math show similar gains with students performing 9.6 points above the state average in third grade and 13 points above the state average in fourth grade. Results released today from the DPI are the most currently accurate assessment scores for the Badger Exam, Dynamic Learning Maps and ACT for all students in Wisconsin. Complete and comparative data dashboards will be released from the DPI in early spring.

“We are seeing the effect of increased levels of teacher leadership and ownership into the success of our students,” said Ted Neitzke, Superintendent of Schools. “Student learning is the real celebration, and the efforts of our outstanding staff to provide students with the skills necessary to be successful and competitive in the modern world.”12439515_10153435530627879_7398045464313979701_n

The Badger Exam, Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) and ACT exams are aligned with Wisconsin Academic Standards.

The results of these achievement tests provide critical information for students, parents, and educators. DPI also uses these results to evaluate school effectiveness and for accountability reporting.

For the past three years, the WBSD has committed to strengthen efforts in Continuous Improvement to monitor student growth and close the achievement gap using the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) process, student data notebooks, and student voice and choice strategies.

WBSD teachers have also committed to implement new instructional resources that are aligned to state standards in math and literacy. Teacher-led teams have worked together to build strong curricular practices that have positively impacted student achievement.

“Our student achievement results on last year’s state assessments are a reflection of our dedicated staff to engaging in continuous improvement processes at the classroom and school level, active participation and reflection in instructional coaching, and the commitment to delivering curriculum and progress monitoring student growth in alignment to state standards,” said Jeanne-marie Ciriacks, Chief Academic Officer. “I am very proud of all of the WBSD staff and the work they do each day to support student learning.””

To support this upward achievement trend, WBSD elementary principals and teachers have commitment to schoolwide improvement plans where teacher goal teams are monitoring student growth in literacy and math.

At the middle school level, the redesign of Silverbrook Intermediate School and Badger Middle School into a 5-6 and 7-8 building has proven to have a positive impact on academic success. According to the recent DPI assessment report, Silverbrook performs above the state average in English/language arts. Another contributing factor to student success at Silverbrook is its strong school improvement process where teachers are progress monitoring math and literacy schoolwide through goal teams. Small learning communities, known as the “house system” at the intermediate school level also provide additional learning benefits for students.

According to the DPI report, Badger Middle school performs above state average in ELA. Badger has a strong improvement plan which includes instructional coaching in the areas of ELA and math, and teacher goal teams to progress monitor student growth. Teachers also focus on instructional strategies through Classroom Learning System (CLS). As an added academic benefit, students at Badger have access to high level English courses such as English 1 Honors.

To strengthen math assessment scores, both Silverbrook and Badger teachers are committed to progress monitor student growth more frequently during the 2015-16 school year to adjust curriculum and/or instructional strategies. Teachers are working together collaboratively along with grade level instructional coaches to increase student learning. During the 2015-16 school year, Instructional Performance Coaching in ELA and math were implemented at Badger as an additional improvement strategy.

Students at the high schools performed above the state average in ELA and math on the ACT. The 2014-15 composite score of 20.9 outperforms the state average. Instructional Performance Coaching is available for high school teachers as the curriculum continues to be improved to strengthen its alignment with the state standards.

Statewide school and district results can be found on the Wisconsin DPI’s data portal, called WISEdash. Click on the Academic Performance tab on http://wisedash.dpi.wi.gov/

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