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West Bend H.S. talent show is Friday, Jan. 29 at 7 p.m.

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West Bend High School student reporter Hannah Bensen has a great preview in The Current about Friday’s talent show at the West Bend High Schools.

The show is back following a two-year hiatus and according to Bensen’s article it’s a collaborative effort between students and staff. A portion of Bensen’s article is below.

After a two-year hiatus, the West Bend High Schools talent show is coming back.

“Mrs. Mennig’s marketing class has really taken this over as their talent show,” Randy Reysen said. “They’re the ones that are marketing this and helping to organize it. It’s just amazing, a wonderful partnership.”

Mennig, an East business teacher, credits the students for doing most of the work. “[I’ve been] the facilitator: making sure we set up what the goals are, the timelines, and the actual tasks that need to get done. Realistically, the students are doing it all on their own. They’ve been responsible for the promotions. Advertising for auditions, and getting out the word that there will be an upcoming talent show,” Mennig said. “[The students] have been awesome.”

“It’s been a really cool experience to be part of something that’s real life,” said Claire Frick, a West junior and marketing student. “We went to homerooms and talked about the talent show and also went to graphics for posters. Each person in class found something to apply their skills to. It will be cool seeing it all come together on Friday.”

To read the rest of Bensen’s article click here at The Current.

(Top image: East junior Anna Johnson rehearses for Friday’s talent show. Photograph courtesy of Johnson.)

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