Wet Down tonight in Allenton for new pumper

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On Wednesday, September 28, 2016 The Allenton Fire Department will be hosting a very unique event facilitated by the Slinger and Kohlsville Fire Departments known as a Wet Down Ceremony  for Allenton’s newest pumping apparatus, Engine 1361.


The event starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Zuern Building Products, 426 Railroad Street in Allenton.


A Wet Down is when neighboring fire departments come with a rig and personnel to spray water over the unit.  A similar ceremony is held for ships and aircraft as they enter into service.


This very moving ceremony is to dedicate this new apparatus into service; it will be used to help others when they can no longer help themselves.

Chief John Breuer of the Allenton Fire Department said, “This is a demonstration of appreciation to the citizens of the Allenton Fire District that have supported the Fire Department and their dedicated professionals by providing them the resources need to protect them in an emergency with state of the art apparatus.”


A Wet Down was started on the east coast many years ago.  Some firefighters from Slinger were visiting the City of New York when they were invited to be a part of a Wet Down.  They were so impressed they brought the idea back to Wisconsin in 1994.


To many firefighters a new fire apparatus is like a new member brought into the family.  Many hours are spent researching and developing specifications to best suit the needs of the department.


This apparatus [1361] was configured and custom built by Custom Fire Apparatus of Osceola, WI.  It is expected that owners of the company will be in attendance Wednesday night.

It is expected that 15 or more fire departments will be present to help with the christening this very special built unit into service.  Interestingly this Wet Down Ceremony is for a unit which is replacing the apparatus [1361] that had the FIRST Wet Down in Wisconsin.


Any questions should be directed to Ron Naab at [email protected].com or 262-716-7292.

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