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Witness Tree ceremonies Nov. 1-11, 2021 in West Bend and Hartford, WI | By James Schleif

West Bend / Hartford, WI – Witness Tree ceremonies begin November 1 to November 11 at Bernd Park in Hartford near the 911 Memorial at 9 a.m. and the east entrance to the Old Courthouse on Fifth Avenue in West Bend at 4 p.m.

Each day 22 blank dog tags will be hung to represent the average of 22 veterans who lose
their life to suicide during every 24-hour period.

Blank dog tag on Witness Tree

“The significance of the Callery pear tree is it survived the 9/11 attacks. Although damaged it survived and continues to flourish today and that symbolizes what we’re doing with the Witness Tree and veterans who come home need lifting up and to heal,” said Schleif.

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“We have an obligation and a duty to welcome our veterans home but also share the responsibility of their sacrifice.”

The event is designed to raise awareness to the tragedy of loss of veteran life by suicide and emphasize the need for our communities to better support those who have served.

Click HERE to watch a Witness Tree ceremony from 2018.

For more information, please contact Jim Schleif: [email protected] 262-384-8124

witness tree ceremonies

Witness Tree is an extension of a larger Veterans’ support program called Warrior’s Journey Home: Listen – Speak – Heal.

For more information contact Rev. James Schleif:
[email protected]   (262) 384-8124

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