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VIDEO | “You can always count on God’s word”

Washington Co., WI – A single star and the word Jesus written in white lights on the side of a barn as motorists travel west on Highway 28.

As Easter approaches we revisit the story which was originally posted in December 2020.

That one word spelled out in cursive has had an overwhelming effect on passersby and it is exactly the message Becky and Jed Rathke planned to bring home as the reason for the season.

“The reaction shouldn’t surprise me,” said Jed. “It shouldn’t shock me because the name Jesus is very powerful. I wanted something short that would be big enough to catch somebody’s eye.”

Jed credits his wife for the idea. Something inspired by the death this past August of their 2-year-old son.

“Facing our son’s recent move to eternal life really solidified what our purpose is and how much time we have,” said Jed.  “I just felt compelled to do it and I needed a message that was short and maybe even abrasive. But people need it and this may be the only message someone ever sees and if it steers them in the right direction then I did my part.”

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The message surrounding the Savior is woven into the Rathkes foundation in faith.

“We’re hard-core Christians and we believe everything the Bible speaks of; we have heavy conviction of that name and what it means,” said Jed.

“It’s a reminder that with the circumstances that go on in the world, the word of God never changes,” said Becky.

This past August, however, was a test.

“It was our faith which was the strongest thing that pulled us through,” said Becky.

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