Fair Park stage construction to begin in March and county rescinds cost-savings incentive program

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·         STH 60 Truck Reliever Route – This week, I had the privilege of attending several meetings related to the project.  These included meetings with the Town of Hartford, Village of Slinger and an additional meeting with the Hartford business community hosted at Broan-NuTone.  These meetings continue to be informational in nature, often times either refreshing memories or introducing history.  In addition, we have received a proposal from SEWRPC to revitalize the 2005 “Final Plan”.  In the coming days Scott Schmidt and I will discuss the proposal and appropriate next steps.
·         Fair Park Stage Update – Now that we have an accepted low bid from Design 2 Construct there will be a bit of a slow period over the next couple of weeks.  We are, however, planning to have an update meeting with representatives from WBMI and Fair Park next week.  I am anticipating that you may start to see activity out at Fair Park sometime in the middle of March, but we will see.
·         Capital Improvement Plan – This week, we met to review projected sales tax numbers for 2017 and CIP project requests from various committees throughout the County.  We will be working in the next several weeks to refine recommended projects for discussion at the Executive Committee meeting in March.  Please be aware that there are not sufficient funds in 2017 for every project that was requested. As such, please keep an eye on this subject in the coming weeks as there will necessarily be changes.
·         Radio Committee – On Monday the Radio Committee met to discuss the proposed contract with Harris Corporation, as well as the Sheriff’s recommended Project Manager.  For those of you who were around during the last Radio Project, you may remember Dennis Buchholtz who will serve as our Project Manager.  Dennis assisted in the previous project in a role with Harris.  He will now assist us in overseeing Harris’ work.  Special thanks to John Schrader and Sheriff Schmidt for the diligent work on the Harris contract, as well as on procuring the services of Mr. Buchholtz!
·         Cost Savings Incentive Program – Due to a variety of ethical and implementation concerns, and after further discussion at the Executive Committee meeting and Administrative Services Committee meeting, the cost savings incentive program previously adopted for employees is being rescinded.  However, the County’s spot bonus program for employees was reaffirmed and will continue.  As a reminder, a Spot Bonus can be awarded to any County employee who has gone “above and beyond” their regular duties.  If you are aware of a meritorious effort on behalf of a County employee, please recommend he/she to your supervisor for a Spot Bonus!  We want to recognize all of the good work that happens in our County!
·         M7 – On Wednesday I attended my first M7 meeting since coming to the County!  There was an interesting presentation about the impact of “Mergers & Acquisitions” (M&E), particularly by “Foreign Direct Investors” (FDI), in our very global economy.  I look forward to discussing this concept further with our Team at EDWC.
  • April Winter – Clerk of Courts
Active Recruitments
  • Activity Aide, CNA,  Dietary Aide, LPN, Registered Nurse – Samaritan
  • Medical Assistant, Senior Social Worker – Human Services Department
  • Environmental Health Specialist, Public Health Nurse, WIC Nutritionist – Health Department
  • Project Manager/Deputy Surveyor – Highway Department
  • Administrative Intern – Administration Department
  • Custodian – Facilities Department
  • Deputy Sheriff – Sheriff’s Department
CONGRATULATIONS to the following employees for their years of service at the County!!
Rebecca Pfannerstill – ADRC
Kathy Bollig –  Samaritan Health Center
Jennifer Amenda – Health Department
Tammy Fehrmann – Human Services Department
Robert Krajna – Samaritan Health Center
Jill Raffay Schmidt – Sheriff’s Department
Scott Sterman – Sheriff’s Department

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