Honor system lock box stolen from hobby farm on County Trunk Highway P

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A 77-year-old Town of West Bend couple became victims of a theft at their small hobby farm located in the 5300 block of County Trunk P sometime overnight on Thursday, September 29, 2016 after 11 p.m.

The retired couple, who sell agricultural items such as gourds, hay, cornstalks and pumpkins, leave the products out for sale adjacent to their home. The couple had a small drop box located near the home so customers could buy and pay at their convenience using the “honor system.”

During the night or early morning hours, some unknown actor(s) removed the drop box by force stealing both the lock box and the small amount of money it contained. The drop box was described as an orange mailbox.

Although this may be a minor theft, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office hopes the individual(s) responsible for this incident see this post and see who they victimized.

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