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VIDEO | Celebrating the end of chemotherapy for Chris Tupper with a social-distancing parade | By Alex Vogt

March 28, 2020 – West Bend, WI – March 27, 2020 was the final chemotherapy treatment for Chris Tupper at the Kraemer Cancer Care Center.  Tupper was able to ring the bell signaling the end of treatment but because of social distancing, his wife and kids were not allowed inside to cheer him on. His wife, Beth, put the word out to family/friends last minute and was able to organize a parade of cars to cheer him on as he exited the building.

A note from Chris’ wife Beth Tupper is below.

If there is one thing we have learned, things don’t always go as planned…and that’s not always a negative. Sometimes, it’s how you view the situation – making a decision to see things in a positive light.

I know this day wouldn’t have been as extraordinary if I would have been inside with Chris. With some very last minute planning, and as a surprise to Chris, the girls and I were able to see Chris ring the chemo bell. (Minor details that we were outside and he was inside). The even bigger surprise occurred when Chris walked out of the Kraemer Cancer Center to a parking lot full of vehicles filled with family and friends cheering him on (no worries – we followed social distancing!)


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