VIDEO | It’s promposal season – check out the anticipation before the ‘ask’ by Adam Newell

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May 4, 2017 – West Bend, WI – Prom is around the corner at high schools across Washington County and today West Bend West senior Adam Newell, 18, set up his promposal for Morgan Mueller. The pair have been an item for about a year.

Newell works at Toucan Custard in West Bend. He organized the ask with the Mohr family and used the street sign at the custard stand to pop the question.  Here’s a video as Newell waited for Mueller.


Behind-the-scenes: The Mohr family was on hand for the show. Newell is one of their employees at Toucan and this is what happens when you’re killing time waiting for the girlfriend to arrive.


It was also great Newell had a dude on standby to videotape everything.

It’s just so Fast Times at Ridgemont High.



P.S. Newell came over several times with updates to say Mueller was delayed. At one point, she stopped at Starbucks… we had no idea if she was 10th in line or 30th…. and so while we waited …this happened.


Tune in Friday when we’ll post video of the ‘official promposal’ and the response.

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