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Washington Co. weekly update By Joshua Schoemann – Washington County park passes now on sale

Mark Your Calendars: Employee Appreciation Dinner – Our annual Employee Appreciation Dinner will be held February 8, 2019 at the Chandelier Ballroom in Hartford. Invitations and more details will be available soon!

Wisconsin Policy Forum (WPF) Luncheon – On Monday, Public Affairs Coordinator Ethan Hollenberger and I attended a luncheon and panel discussion (photo below) regarding the potential for public-private partnerships (P-3’s) in solving some of the major public policy challenges facing local governments across the nation.  Facilitated by WPF Executive Director Rob Henken, the panel hosted experts from Milwaukee County, Johnson Controls, the Milwaukee County Zoological Society and a national expert on P-3’s from Kansas City, MO.  The discussion was a rejuvenating experience for our efforts to achieve a “Well Governed and Administered County” by continuing to lead local government in the State of Wisconsin in “Innovation” through P-3’s such as the EDWC model, the plan being developed by the Washington County Historical Society, and many more. Special thanks to Rob Henken and the entire WPF team for hosting this interesting and educational session!

UWM Masters of Public Administration Lecture – By invitation of Adjunct Professor Steve Kreklow (who’s day job is Village Administrator of Germantown), for the second consecutive year I had the privilege Monday night of giving a lecture to his masters level Public Budgeting class on the practical application of Priority Based Budgeting in Washington County.  The class was very interested and engaged, and asked provocative questions while offering astute observations.  Thank you to Adjunct Professor Kreklow for the opportunity to share the Washington County story with the next generation of public servants from UWM!

Park Passes make a Great Gift! – 2019 Washington County Park Stickers are now on sale!  100% of the fees go towards maintenance and improvements of the County Park and Trail System. Consider supporting our Parks Fiscal Sustainability Plan by purchasing yours today!


County Board Meeting – On Wednesday, the County Board adopted resolutions authorizing three County Trunk Highway relocation orders; a transfer of $25,000 from the Human Services Department State Aid Base County Allocation – Children and Families revenue account to the Human Services Outlay account towards the purchase of two vans in 2018; amending the 2017-2021 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to include an additional amount of $45,000 for the Jail Video Surveillance System Project to be funded from the Jail Assessment Fund; an advisory resolution to caution the legislature on the costs of moving 17 year-old offenders to juvenile court; and the transfer ownership of Condominium Unit #1 to Cabela’s. The Board enacted ordinances increasing the out-of-state travel meal reimbursement cap from $50 per day, to $75 per day; and amending the staffing plan for Planning & Parks – Administrative Division.  In addition, the Board received the annual update from the WOW Workforce Development Board; and an update on the 2017-2019 Strategic Priorities.  Attached is the PowerPoint that I gave regarding the update on Strategic Priorities. Finally, by a margin of 19-6 the Board rejected pursuit of a property appraisal of the Washington County Golf Course, and in doing so also rejected the consideration of its sale.

Core Value Nominations – Human Resources is now taking nominations for the 2019 Core Value Awards!  The nomination form is attached (printable and fillable) and is due no later than Monday, December 31, 2018.  Winners will be recognized at the Employee Appreciation dinner on February 8, 2019.  Start nominating your peers and co-workers to be recognized for their amazing work for our County!

Moving on…

  • Daniel Baranek, Human Services
  • Steven Canales, Facilities Management

Active Recruitments

  • Access and Initial Assessment Supervisor, AODA Case Manager, Crisis Intervention Specialist, Family Aide, Senior Social Worker (Initial Assessment) – Human Services Department
  • Accounting Assistant – Clerk of Courts
  • Corrections Officer – Sheriff’s Department
  • Custodian – Facilities
  • Highway Laborer, Slinger or West Bend – Highway Department
  • Parks Maintenance/Custodian Worker-Limited Hours, Park Maintenance Worker (Snow Plowing and Mowing)-Limited Hours  – Planning and Parks Department
  • CNA, Dining Services Assistant, RN/LPN, Registered Nurse/Charge RN, Resident Assistant – Samaritan Health Center

CONGRATULATIONS to the following employee(s) on their years of service to the County!!

5 Years
Sarah Johnson, Samaritan Health Center

20 Years
Nancy Faber, Samaritan Health Center

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