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A love story in Barton – Hank cleans up real nice

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There were at least two shop owners on Barton Avenue that were mighty frustrated with their help today.

“Essie!” harped Deb at Over the Moon. “My word girl your head’s completely full of feathers this mornin’.”

Essie was supposed to be placing a glass slipper in the storefront window for today’s DIVA event and instead she mistakenly placed an old raggedy boot atop the red velvet pillow.

Through the doorway and across the hall, Jeff from Wisconsin House Woodworks had his hands full with his protege. “Dang nabbit boy,” cussed Jeff. “You’re gonna lose a finger in that saw and then you’ll never be able to count to five.”

Hank was wearing on Jeff’s patience as bad as Essie was testing Deb’s.

“You better knock off early tonight Hank,” said Jeff. “Go clean up and get your self straight for your date tomorrow night with Essie.”

Hank put down the cabinet door, pushed some shelving out of the way and in weary frustration dragged his hand through his wavy hair. Jeff looked back and shook his head in disgust as Hank walked out the door with a big sawdust smudge that extended from the bridge of his nose up into his dark hairline.

“Essie,” cooed Deb… breathing heavy in attempts to calm her nerves. “Honey why don’t you just leave that and take the rest of the afternoon off. I’m sure you could use the extra time to get yourself ready for your Valentine’s Day date with Hank.”

Just then the jingle of the bells on door sounded as a customer walked in the shop.

Both Essie and Deb did a double take and froze in their tracks. “Oh my… if it isn’t Barton’s answer to Cary Grant,” said Deb.

There stood Hank. They had never seen him like this before….. all cleaned and pressed in a dark suit.

Hank wore a nervous grin. He took a couple awkward steps around the store. Poked at some scarves and then gave the ceiling a good hard stare.

“Essie’s not up there Hank,” said Deb in a straight-forward manner. “She’s over here in the window.”

“Yeah…. yeah, right,” stammered Hank.

After a lot of foot shuffling and an update on the cold weather outlook for February via knowledge from the Farmers’ Almanac, Hank finally got around to asking Essie if he could walk her home.

“You got all fancied up like that just to walk her home?” asked Deb.

Turns out, Hank was surprising Essie with a photo shoot at AC Photography, 1708 Barton Ave . He set up an appointment with Andrea Cluka after seeing an article on her store on http://www.washingtoncountyinsider.com

“I think it would be nice to have a picture of us,” he said.

Essie seemed somewhat dumbfounded. Deb – of course – found her voice.

“Now here’s your coat Hun…. just scoot right along I’ll handle the store til close, you kids go have a swell time,” she said.


Tomorrow – the big Valentine’s Day date!


– – Build. Boost. Buy in Barton – –
Photographer Andrea Cluka captures life, light, and emotion in her new salon at 1708 Barton Avenue. She goes above and beyond to achieve the portrait of your dreams. Call her at (262) 224-1982.

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