Aircraft incident under investigation in Dodge County

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The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is currently on scene of an aircraft incident at the Dodge County Airport.


At about 4:52 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an aircraft incident at the Dodge County Airport N6491 STH 26, in the Township of Oak Grove by Juneau.



A privately owned, two-seat aircraft had just landed at the airport for fuel while traveling from Alabama to Manitowoc, WI. The aircraft veered off the runway and came to rest in a grassy area adjacent to the runway and taxiway.


The pilot, who was the lone occupant of the aircraft, was evaluated by medical personnel at the scene and was not treated or transported.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the lead investigating agency for aircraft incidents and has been contacted.  The airport remains open at this time.


Airport personnel were at the airport at the time of the incident and airport management is also on scene.  The Sheriff’s Office role in the incident at this point is to secure the scene and await any direction from the FAA.


The aircraft is a Luscombe 8E, a two-seat, fixed-wing, single engine aircraft.  The pilot reported that he had purchased the aircraft on September 9, 2016 from its previous owner.

Any further information regarding the name of the pilot, and information regarding the investigation into the incident will not be released at this time and those inquiries may be directed to the FAA.  Photographs of the aircraft are attached.


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