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April 1, 2020 – West Bend, WI – Mid-West Farm Report is running a story about a devastating situation in the dairy industry across Wisconsin and it has close to home in Washington County.

According to Mid-West Farm Report the Eble family at Golden E Dairy in West Bend is dumping about a quarter-of-a-million pounds of milk.

“We got the call late last night (from the field rep and the Dairy Farmers of America Central area manager) and we were asked if we were willing and able to begin dumping milk,” said Ryan Eble. “The thought of just dumping it down the drain is very disheartening.”

Eble tells Mid-West Farm Report that the request to dump “was a surprise” and to date the farm has dumped a “quarter of a million pounds” of milk.

Eble said the CAFO farms, Concentrated animal feeding operations,  are being asked to dump milk rather than the smaller farms.

CAFO is a specific type of large-scale industrial agricultural facility that raises animals, usually at high-density, for the consumption of meat, eggs, or milk.

Click HERE to read the entire article from Mid-West Farm Report.


Golden E Dairy is located on Orchard Valley Road in West Bend. The Eble family hosted Washington County Breakfast on the Farm in 2017.

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