Building formerly home to tavern in Barton has been sold

Feb. 21, 2019 – Barton, WI – There was an interesting property sale recently in Washington County that carries with it a lot of history. Recognize the building below?

Trio Bar in Barton

The two-story was originally built in 1870 and an addition was put on in 1991.

The latest property listing shows the parcel belonged to Catherine Barbercheck. If that name rings a bell….. it should. If you give up… click HERE.

For quite a few years the building was home to the Trio Bar. Records in the city assessor’s office show Bonnie Kudek was a previous owner.

Kudek, 64, died June 20, 2013. Her obituary read, “During her years of employment, Bonnie worked for Amity in West Bend, managed the Trio Bar in Barton for numerous years and was employed at the Citgo station in Kewaskum for many years.Bonnie will fondly be remembered as a “people person” who will be deeply missed by her family and by all who knew her.”

The location, 1727 Barton Avenue, was sold Jan. 20, 2019 from Catherine Barbercheck to C & A Wilde Investments LLC from Cedarburg.

Barton Avenue

The property was assessed at $280,400 and was sold for $285,000.

What do you remember about The Trio Bar in Barton? And what was in the building immediately to the north where Sandy’s Barton Cafe is currently?

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