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May 29, 2018 – Hartford, WI – Folks in Hartford are all a twitter about a celebrity sighting on Main Street today.

Carrie Stelzer from Scoop De Ville, 65 N. Main Street, said Vin Diesel, also known as Mark Sinclair, stopped at the ice cream shop around 5:15 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

Photo courtesy Lana Primus Gonzalez

Stelzer said the Hollywood actor, producer, director came in with some customers, who she deemed “regulars.”

“We normally see them a couple times a week,” Stelzer said.

“I was working in the back making ice cream and I heard screams and laughter. I didn’t come out because it didn’t sound like anything bad but then somebody told me Vin Diesel was in the store,” she said.

Employees at Scoop De Ville took photos. Several pictures on social media show the bald-headed, musclebound actor wearing a white t-shirt and white pants.

Stelzer said she was told Diesel was in town visiting family.

Stelzer also said Diesel may have stopped at Puebla’s Kitchen down the street.

“It’s good news,” said Stelzer. “Everybody’s talking about it and it’s kind of exciting.”

Shop owner Ray Stelzer said the experience was quite nice. “It’s just a very nice experience to have somebody like that in here,” he said.

Asked whether there have been other celebrities spotted at Scoop De Ville, Stelzer said Harford’s mayor and City Administrator Steve Volkert.

A nudge of a reminder, Stelzer confirmed John McGivern had also visited the store and so did the hosts of Discover Wisconsin.


Photo courtesy Silsin


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