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Ceremony at Dedication Wall at War Memorial of Korea

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The “Last Post” played on trumpet at the Wreath Laying & Floral Ceremony at the War Memorial of Korea.

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Korean War veterans and their guests were given a white chrysanthemum upon entering; flowers were then placed at the base of the memorial under names of those killed in action during the Korean War.












Some of the names from Washington and Fond du Lac Counties found on the wall included: Jerome H. Stoffel, Richard A. Bell, Hilary W. Justman, Norman H. Johnson, Merlin A. Heinecke, Donald O’ Heesen, and Robert Ronald St. Mary.


A bronze plaque on the north wall read:  In memory of the United Nations Coalition Soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the Korean War.  In commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Korean War, this memorial honors the soldiers of the UN Coalition whose noble service and ultimate sacrifice preserved the freedom of the Republic of Korea.  May this memorial always serve as a reminder of the cost of freedom.


Four Korean War veterans from Washington County are on tour this week in South Korea. The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs is hosting a Revisit Korea Program where they express appreciation and respect for Korean War veterans who sacrificed themselves to defend Korea’s democracy and peace.


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