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Clever rummage sale signs draw a crowd to Deer Ridge Drive in West Bend, WI

West Bend, Wi – Some clever signs are drawing a crowd to a huge family rummage sale on Deer Ridge Drive in West Bend, Wi. The first sign was spotted on CTH Z and Paradise Drive. “Free Beer!” turned a lot of heads. Then (Just kidding) Rummage! and the arrow pointed east.
clever rummage
Clever rummage sale signs for 438 Deer Ridge Drive

After a couple turns and another sign, “Husbands making us sell our crap” was the sale on the corner 438 Deer Ridge Drive. “A lot of people are saying the same thing… they had to come and see who made the signs,” said one of the female clerks manning the till.

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Jami Spieker is the creator of the signs and the host of the rummage…. which has everything. Stop in today.  Two blocks south of Highway 33 off Scenic Drive by Morrie’s West Bend Honda.

Morrie's job posting

Which sign is your favorite?

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