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Critical Race Theory Leads Important Issues: Straw Poll at Fair | by Carroll Merry

July 28, 2021 – West Bend, WI – Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the most important issue facing voters today according to the results of a straw poll conducted by the Washington County Republican Party during the Washington County Fair held last week.

WCRP poll

CRT garnered 240 of the 852 votes cast by those completing the poll, according to Randy Marquardt, County GOP chair. Other topics scored thusly: Enact Election Integrity Laws – 203; Immigration/Finish the Wall – 159; Support Our Police – 125; and No Mandatory Vaccinations – 125.

Those marking ballots were asked to vote for only one of the five pre-selected subjects with no rankings allowed. “There were many who asked if they could vote for more than one, but we told them no,” Marquardt explains. Voting began on Tuesday July 20, and ran through the closing of the Fair on July 25.

Two other questions posted theoretical options regarding Senator Ron Johnson and Former President Donald J. Trump. Participants were asked if they would vote for Ron Johnson if he ran for Senate again in 2022, and 794 voted Yes, 11 voted No and 26 marked Maybe.

The question “Would you vote for Donald Trump for President if he ran in 2024?” resulted in responses of 714 for Yes, 30 for No, and 14 for “Other.”

Not all ‘voters’ marked all the questions in completing the survey, thus the difference in voting tallies, and not all visitors to the booth participated in the straw poll.

Marquardt says there were no incentives to respond to the poll. “While it is non-scientific, it does reflect a candid, unaided summary of attitudes among those who participated at the GOP booth at the fair.”

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