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Letter to the Editor | Vote for Dan Knodl | By Jean Merry

October 22, 2020 – Germantown, WI – For those who live in Germantown and Menomonee Falls as part of Wisconsin Assembly District 24, I encourage you to vote for Dan Knodl on November 3.

As our incumbent for the 24th District, Dan brings a deeply-rooted commitment to serving his neighbors and friends. In that regard, he may be unique in that he is a lifelong resident of the area having been educated in Menomonee Falls and graduating from ‘Falls East high school, then attending UW-Madison.

It is because of his dedication and total devotion to serving his neighbors and friends that he has voted to keep violent criminals off our streets and authored bipartisan legislation to make sure domestic abusers are held accountable. He is very much pro-police and law and order.

Dan KNOWS business, having started his first enterprise at 17. This means he understands how unneeded government regulation and taxes can  stop business growth, which translates into fewer jobs. He has been a driver for commonsense budget controls, and reducing taxes on families and small businesses. As majority caucus chair in the Wisconsin Assembly, he is part of the Republican leadership team that has cut government waste in the state, balanced the budget, and reduced the tax burden by more than $8 billion over the last few years.

As a small business owner, Dan knows the importance of getting our economy safely back on track so that folks can get back to work. This means making sure our communities and businesses have the resources they need to rebuild while holding the line on taxes, spending dollars wisely, and balancing our budget.

I’ve known Dan as a neighbor and a friend for many years, and I urge all of you in the 24th Assembly District to vote for Dan Knodl on November 3.

Jean L. Merry

Germantown, WI


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