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REAL ESTATE | Delay in opening new location for Michaleno’s Pizzeria in West Bend, WI

January 1, 2023 – West Bend, WI –  Michaleno’s Pizzeria is opening in a new location at 235 S. Main Street in West Bend, WI however, there is a delay.

Originally the locally owned pizza place was slated to open Tuesday, January 3, 2023. Some delays with equipment and remodeling have pushed the opening out another week. More details will be posted when information becomes available.

Michaleno’s Pizzeria new sign in place at 235 S. Main Street

Michaleno's Pizzeria delay

“Our plan is to move out of the Paradise Plaza,” said Mike Herbert, the owner and founder of Michaleno’s Pizzeria.  “I’ll be honest with you; I’ve been looking for the last two and a half years to buy a building so I wouldn’t have to renew my lease again.

“I looked at several different spots and by the time I knew a building was up for sale, it already had an accepted offer. That’s how fast stuff goes.”

Herbert was leasing space at 1032 Gateway Court in West Bend, WI; he owns the buildings for his other stores in Kewaskum, 250 Main Street, and Saukville, 234 E. Dekora.

Michaleno’s Pizzeria was started in 2008 by Mike and Debbie Herbert in 2008. Their family, including four sons, Mike, Ryan, Greg and Daniel, are also involved. “This was our dream, to open a restaurant run by the family,” he said. “We have brought on other family members and friends to ensure the best customer service.”

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“The last thing on my financial bucket list, before my official retirement, was to leave the business to my kids… but I didn’t want them to have to negotiate a lease,” said Herbert referencing the West Bend store.

“I own the other two buildings in my locations outright. I must have looked at four or five locations in the last six months, but a remodel just didn’t make sense. Then, when I saw the Schalla location pop up, I said, ‘I’m not losing this one’ so we went in the next day and put the offer in right away.”

Michaleno’s Pizzeria

Aside from purchasing the building, Herbert’s biggest expense will be to add a brand-new exhaust to the parcel on S. Main Street.  “To try to take the one out of my current location and move it there, I’d be closed for possibly up to three months, and I don’t want to lose the customer business,” he said.


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Herbert said the key to making the transition will be to move quickly and be closed for the shortest period of time.



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