Dry, windy weather increases risk for grass fires in Washington County | By Ron Naab

March 28, 2019 – Washington Co., WI – We are in a dangerous time of the year for wildland/grass fires.  Because the ground is wet and muddy, doesn’t indicate we can safely burn dead vegetation, brush piles, etc.
High fire activity in Washington County
The last few days we have experienced dry, gusting wind. This wind dries the dead vegetation quickly.
In Washington County alone we have had a number of wildland fires this week.  So far they have been confined to the eastern area of the county.
Fire department officials express concern of burning in areas of dry vegetation and having these fires burn with no one in attendance or equipment to help suppress.
Click HERE for a map from the Wisconsin DNR showing the areas of the state and the potential for fires.
Ronald J. Naab


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