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VIDEO | Elegant funeral for Lawrence Arthur Koehler Jr., 91, of Hartford, WI

Hartford, WI – An elegant tribute in Hartford, WI as friends and family paid their respects to the memory of Lawrence Arthur Koehler Jr., 91.

Lawrence Koehler lived in Hartford his entire life. Born August 11, 1930, he graduated Hartford Union High School, class of 1949. “Buck” was a star basketball player; the nickname given is still a mystery.

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The visitation at St. Kilian Church featured ornate sprays of colorful roses as wide as your outstretched arms. The flowers were a consistent theme throughout the service with a rose-presentation to family and friends and at the cemetery a rainbow of rose petals provided a path for pallbearers from the horse-drawn hearse to the Koehler’s final resting place.

rose, pallbearers

The entire ceremony was a proper sendoff from beginning to end. A harp player set the mood during visitation. There was a touching eulogy from a close family friend.

Click HERE for the full obituary for Lawrence A. Koehler Jr.

horse hearse
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The horse-drawn hearse added a vibe of aristocracy and Arlington to Koehler’s final dignified ride down W. State Street. It was a trip Lawrence made many times, but this procession was led by magnificent white Percheron draft horses well dressed in ornate green plumes and bells that jingled with the clip-clop cadence providing a unique hymn to a glorious reunion with Lawrence’s lovely wife Caroline.

And as the flag-draped coffin made the turn into St. Kilian Catholic Church cemetery a soulful bagpiper gave voice to Amazing Grace.

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