Incumbents file to run again for Washington County Board


November 20, 2019 – Washington Co., WI – Quite a few more hats were thrown into the ring for the April 7, 2020 Spring Election and many of them came from incumbents as we take a quick tally on who is running or stepping aside on the Washington County Board.

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This week three incumbents filed for Washington County Supervisor including: District 17 Supervisor Timothy Michalak, Dist. 21 Donald Kriefall, and Dist. 24 Peter Sorce.

District 14 Supervisor Marcella Bishop has not filed papers but she confirmed on Tuesday, Nov. 19 she is running again.

Some of the new candidates in the mix include: Joseph Vespalec who is running in Dist. 2. Incumbent Roger Kist has already filed non-candidacy.

Former West Bend School Board President Randy Marquardt has filed to run in Dist. 5 as incumbent Mike Bassill has filed non-candidacy.

In Dist. 7 John Schodron has filed candidacy papers. That seat is currently held by Supervisor Frank Carr; he has yet to submit paperwork.

And Lois Krueger-Gundrum, the former Mayor of Mayville, is running in Dist. 16. If the name Gundrum sounds familiar, that’s because Lois is married to the former county board chairman and current state Assembly Rep. Rick Gundrum.  Dist. 16 incumbent Russell Brandt has already filed non-candidacy.

County Board candidates

County Board candidates

County Board candidates

Dist. 9 Supervisor Richard Bertram who represents the Town of Barton. Bertram turned in non-candidacy papers on Nov. 11, 2019. He will finish out his current term but not run for reelection.

Dist. 19 Supervisor John Bulawa who represents the City of Hartford filed non-candidacy on Nov. 8, 2019.

Dist. 20 Supervisor Mark McCune who represents the Town of Erin filed non-candidacy on Nov. 7, 2019.

On Nov. 6 the posted a story about Dist. 4 Supervisor Chris Jenkins and Dist. 2 Supervisor Roger Kist filing non-candidacy.

On Nov. 13 Dist. 5 Supervisor Mike Bassill filed non-candidacy. Bassill represented the City of West Bend.

On Nov. 15 Dist. 16 Supervisor Russell Brandt filed non-candidacy. Brandt represented the Village of Slinger. He’s also the Village President in Slinger.

As of Nov. 13 there were others who filed papers with the Washington County Clerk to run for office.

Dist. 3 Supervisor Chris Bossert filed to run again. He represents the City of West Bend.

Dist. 19 has a candidate as Todd Bultman filed to run. That seat is held by outgoing Supervisor Bulawa. In February 2019 Bultman ran for city council in Hartford. Click HERE to read more.

Dist. 20 also has a candidate in Jeffrey Millikin. He is currently a Supervisor on the Erin Town Board where he sits on several committees including the Veterans Memorial Committee, Road Commission and the Parade Committee.

Dist. 11 Keith Stephan filed to run again. He represents the Town of Farmington.

Candidates have until December 27, 2019 by 5 p.m. to file a certificate of non-candidacy if they do not plan to run in April 2020.
Candidates who are running may begin circulating papers to collect signatures on December 1, 2019. Those signatures must be turned in by 5 p.m. on January 7, 2020.
Candidates running for Washington County Board Supervisor must submit 50 -100 signatures and candidates running for County Executive must submit 500 – 1000 signatures.
Two people are currently vying for the newly elected county executive post in Washington County: Joshua Schoemann and Adam Gitter.
It was Sept. 11, 2019 when the Washington County Board voted a second time to switch from a hired county administrator to an elected county executive. Click HERE for the story.
Also note, the Executive Committee met Nov. 13 to discuss the wards and municipalities inside the county districts.

City of West bend

For the city council, aldermen need to submit 20-40 signatures from people in their district. Mayoral candidates must submit 200-400 signatures to run for office.
As of Tuesday, Nov. 12 Dist. 7 alderman Justice Madl filed papers to run again for West Bend city council.
On Oct. 17, posted a story about Dist. 5 alderman Rich Kasten announcing he would run for mayor in the City of West Bend. Click HERE for the story.

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