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Is the annual Grand Larsony Custom Classic Car Show in jeopardy?


August 6, 2018 – Kewaskum, WI – One of the most popular car shows in Washington County may be in jeopardy.

Mark ‘Kurly’ Kissinger posted a note on social media over the weekend that he was cancelling this year’s Kewaskum Classic Car Show.

The annual Grand Larsony Custom Classic Car Show started in 2000 and was organized by Grand Larsony owner Richard ‘Kissey’ Kissinger.

In 2015 ‘Kissey’ announced he was stepping down from the event.

The show, a popular stop for the car clubs, normally drew about 400 classic cars to Main Street in Kewaskum.

Over the years Kissey used the car show as a way raise money to benefit local people in need.


In 2016 Mark ‘Kurly’ Kissinger of Jackson said he would be taking over.  “My father and I ran a car show in Slinger for a number of years,” said Kissinger.  “I’ve gone to Kissey’s show and I don’t plan on changing anything.”

Kurly Kissinger is Kissey’s godson.  Kissinger’s father Mark is Kissey’s cousin.

This would have been the 18th annual show.

Early word is Kissey is looking to step back in. A liquor license and permits to close the street are still needed however time is waning as the show is normally the third Sunday in September; this year it would be Sept. 16.

The Kewaskum Fire Department normally serves beer at the event and already holds a permit.

We’ll bring you more details when information becomes available.



  1. It would be great to see this show continue.

    We have 1 Village Board meeting left in August 2 weeks from today to approve street closure. I can put in on agenda, but if nobody is there to take the lead, and be responsible for event, the Village Board might be inclined to not approve without a responsible leader for event.

    We are consolidating meeting dates at tonight’s Village Board meeting for September because of Labor Day. We will probably move to 2nd Monday in September for meeting date, so that could be one last shot for permission to close street.

    • Kissy and the KFD will make the show happen! It may be less extravagant than years prior due to the time crunch but Kissy will not let the show die!

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