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Jordan Stolz from Town of Kewaskum skates to Junior World Record

Town of Kewaskum, WI – Olympic speed skater Jordan Stolz of the Town of Kewaskum is going to have to have his dad build another trophy shelf above the fireplace as Stolz picked up three more medals at the World Cup in Calgary.
speed Jordan
Stolz secured a pair of silver medals in both the 500 meter and 1,500-meter races and he finished with a gold medal in the 1,000-meter race.

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“I’m very happy with my performance in the World Cup in Calgary,” said Stolz. “I was able to rest a little after races for a few days, and that definitely helped the performance in the second weekend.”

It was November 11, 2022 when Stolz set a personal best and new world record when he became the youngest skater to record a time of 1:44:891 in the 1,500-meter race in Stavanger, Norway.

This past Saturday, Stolz secured a silver medal in the 500 meter, finishing in 34.08 seconds as he knocked .03 seconds off his previous finish. The day before, Stolz secured a second-place finish in the men’s 1,500.

Click HERE to read about Stolz on NBC Sports

Click HERE to watch Stolz in a very fast 500-meter race against Japanese skater Yuma Murakami. The race begins at 1:08:30 and Stolz skates to a Junior World Record.
It was a powerful performance for Stolz and coach Bob Corby praised his skate in the 500.  “Jordan was the only one to accelerate the last 100, every other skater decelerated. Another Junior World Record and American record,” he said.
Click HERE to watch the awards ceremony – that begins at 1:24:20.
On Sunday, Stolz took first place in the 1000-meter race with a time of 1:06.72.
Click HERE to watch Stolz race against Canadian Antoine Gelinas-Beaulieu.
“I’m looking forward to racing the US championships in Milwaukee at the Pettit center and then prepare for the Junior World Championships in February and at the end of the season in March the World Championships in Heerenveen Netherlands,” said Stolz.


Coach Bob Corby outlined the races ahead in Milwaukee at the Pettit Ice Center.

“In January the US Championships are January 5-8. He will easily qualify for everything so we will be training through the competition to prepare for Jr. World Championship and World Single Distance Championship. Juniors are February 10-12. Worlds are March 3-6.”
On a side note – Jeff Klaiber runs a YouTube channel Speedskating Deconstructed and he’s broken down some of the reasons why Stolz is such a strong speed skater.

“Jordan gets so much swing pressure and his turns he’s got a high recovery he intuitively
knows what to do with the ice if he’s not pushing, he’s out of there he’s resting,” said Klaiber.
“It comes down to a few simple components, Jordan knows what to do, he’s got great eyes, great finesse and look at his head it’s in the middle everything else moves around he’s really flexible but anytime he sets his skate down he’s right on top of that skate and he uses his quirky timing to get on top of that skate.”

“He’s so fast and the thing Jordan does so well that almost no one else can is his head almost doesn’t move, his head is in the middle all the time but he’s right on top of his pressure and there’s no waste. It’s like super economical and the lines are always really good.  Look at these lines and the drive forward it’s palpable you can see how much he’s driving forward.”
While Stolz is back home, his dad Dirk said he is training hard daily at the Pettit Ice Center.
“Obviously he wants to win the Junior World Championship as best all-around skater and try to win as many distances as he can,” he said. “We’ll then see what happens at the World Championship in the single distances.”
In the coming weeks Dirk Stolz is working to contact schools across Washington County to encourage families to come to the Pettit Ice Center with their kids.
“I talked to the principal at Allenton Elementary and I spoke with someone at St. Luke and Holy Trinity in Kewaskum and we’re trying to encourage the students to come out and meet Jordan and Erin Jackson and Brittany Bowe and they can sign autographs and meet the athletes,” said Dirk Stolz.
“We’re just trying to get more kids into the winter sport.”
If people want to watch Jordan skate the Junior World Cup qualifier and the US Championships are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Photos courtesy Steve Penland/Pettit Center

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