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Kewaskum School District receives 11 applications to fill open seat on School Board

July 26, 2021 – Kewaskum, WI – The Kewaskum School District said it received 11 applications to fill the vacant seat on the School Board. The application deadline was Friday, July 23, 2021.

The 11 candidates who applied are listed below. Submitted applications are attached.

Kewaskum School District

KewaskumAndy David

KSD School District

Kewaskum School District

Kewaskum School

Kewaskum School D



President Jim Leister,
Please receive the following letter as my formal notice of interest in the vacancy on the Kewaskum school board.
Board members,
As a community member of 24, years I have entrenched myself into my community. Since graduating from Kewaskum High School in 2015, I have gone on to achieve many accomplishments.
I entered the private sector immediately following high school. First, I worked on my family’s dairy farm that sits right here in the Kewaskum School District and then moved into the trades as a CNC machinist. While working in the trades I decided to look to the future and made an investment in commercial real estate. Today I’m a proud employee of West Bend Machine Works and owner/manager of 7172 Mayflower LLC.
Outside of my day job, I’ve had the honor and privilege of serving on the town of Scott planning commission, council member/elder for Immanuel Lutheran Church in the town of Scott, and on the Kewaskum School District policy committee.
Since 2014 I have attended every single school board meeting and policy meeting. I engaged myself to ensure I had a voice at the table.
If appointed to the Kewaskum school board, my goal would be simple : Provide the best education possible at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayers.
My top 3 priorities would be 1. Curriculum 2. Student involvement in the community 3. Fiscal responsibility.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Bradley A. Petersen


It was June 30, 2021, when WashingtonCountyInsider.com ran the story announcing Doug Gonring was stepping down from the Kewaskum School Board.
Gonring was elected to a 3-year term in April 2019. He had one year left in his term.
Kewaskum School Board president Jim Leister said he was “hoping to have the position filled by August but now it looks more like September.” Leister said the board will discuss at its next meeting in August to interview candidates during a special session.
The last open seat on the board was filled during a similar process by Ric Leitheiser. He filled the seat that opened after Mark Sette quit. Leitheiser then ran for a 3-year term in the April 2021 and won.
There are seven elected officials on the Kewaskum School Board and currently one vacancy.
The board is moving to fill the seat via an interview process because there are no scheduled elections for the remainder of 2021.



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