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Murder, Mayhem and Jobs by Rep. Bob Gannon

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Rep. Bob Gannon (R-Slinger) released this statement today on jobs and crime.

“As democrats statewide compose their yearend propaganda blaming republicans for every malady known by man, they need to be honest about job creation. Milwaukee is ranked the sixth highest city nationally in per capita murders by Forbes, which makes it obvious that our largest urban center, is the anchor holding back the ship of state as far as jobs is concerned.

Milwaukee finished the year with over 150 murders and over 700 others injured in shootings.

Milwaukee finished the year with an unemployment rate of approximately twenty percent for their black population. This is almost four times as high as the white unemployment rate for the city and the state. This means that Milwaukee leads in murders and mayhem per capita, with a large number of these crimes occurring in mainly black neighborhoods, the same neighborhoods with the worst unemployment rates in the state.

Could one make a connection between employment opportunities and the level of crime on those same streets? What employer will build or expand when they fear muggings, carjackings, attempted murder, or other serious criminal threats to their employees?

One cannot ignore the correlation between jobs and crime, employment opportunities will only expand in these neighborhoods when the violence is stopped.
Milwaukee has a democrat mayor, whose focus is a tiny trolley that will chug along in the more affluent and safer areas of the city. Milwaukee County has a democrat district attorney focused on a personal vendetta against our governor, a vendetta that’s been laughed out of multiple courts for having no legal standing, while ignoring the crime on the streets.

The state’s economic numbers, including job development and unemployment rates, would certainly be significantly improved if only our largest city would clean up the murder and mayhem on their streets.”

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