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Pileated woodpecker spotted in Washington County

June 11, 2018 – Newburg, WI – We’re getting more and more reports of sightings of a pileated woodpecker in the Washington County area.

In April 2017 we posted a story about one that flew into Riveredge Nature Center. The photo was posted on the Riveredge’s Twitter account.


It was in August 2016 when a similar looking big bird was spotted in the lot south of Badger School on Sixth Avenue.  On a side note…


On a side note: The pileated woodpecker is the bird Woody Woodpecker was based on.


The black and white bird with a red head is as big as a cat. According to my neighbor Peachy Keehn, this is a pretty rare sight in town.

Top photo courtesy Riveredge Nature Center.


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