Remember the 2014 survey about merging the West Bend High Schools


December 15, 2019 – West Bend, WI – In 2014 the West Bend School District was debating whether to merge the high schools.

Since the school moved from Badger to its new building in 1971 the high school was divided into West Bend East and West Bend West.

Over the years the topic of merging the two high schools into one has resurfaced. It’s a hot-potato of a topic as tradition and school affiliation pull at people’s feelings.

The issue resurfaced again Dec. 2, 2019 when the West Bend School Board reviewed a strong decline in predicted enrollment.  Click HERE to see predicted enrollment trends, including numbers from the high schools which show a drop in enrollment from 2019 at 2,184 to 1,669 in 2028.

Below are some of the responses in a six question district survey from 2014 regarding what people thought about the two high school system.

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