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Rep. Knodl Statement on Governor Evers’ Budget Address

Feb. 28, 2019 – Germantown, WI – Rep. Dan Knodl (R-Germantown) issued the following statement regarding Governor Evers’ Budget address at the Capitol in Madison:

“When the legislative session started, my colleagues and I sent the new administration an extensive list of issues we believe we could work together on. After listening to the Governor’s budget address this evening, I was disappointed that he missed an opportunity for true bipartisanship. Instead of reaching across the aisle, his proposal includes divisive policies that will move our state backwards.

“Last week, Governor Evers vetoed a Middle Class Tax Cut. He followed that up this evening by introducing a budget that increases taxes, in-state tuition and driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, and takes away education opportunities for families.

“Divided government shouldn’t mean nothing gets done, and I look forward to reviewing the budget further. It will be introduced in the Joint Finance Committee as legislation, which is standard procedure under state law. The committee will hold hearings around the state to get input from the public in the
coming weeks.

“Our goal will be to find common ground and pass a budget that keeps Wisconsin moving forward. We must build on the success we’ve had as a state over the last eight years, and it’s unfortunate we didn’t see much of that from the Governor tonight.”


  1. Evers is a shameful, unabashed socialist. He and his ilk will ruin the gains made by former Governor Walker. His plan to give illegals drivers licenses and I.D. cards will increase voter fraud. Tax increases and drug legalization will harm Wisconsin. The people have made a BIG mistake by voting him into office. Next time vote more responsibly and intelligently!

  2. When will the foolish Republicans realize the Socialist Left Democrats are not interested in ” working together, bi-partisanship, or common ground “. They are only interested in advancing their secular, Marxist, elitist agenda. They will destroy anything or anyone that stands in the way of their vision. The Republicans have not or do not want to realize this fact. The leftists have declared war on the Republicans, the constitution, the founding principals and history of this country, Judeo-Christian values, and the honest, hard working citizens of the United States. Yes, the Progressive Left Democrats are at war with us and they have defined the terms of engagement. Do not compromise, FIGHT BACK!… WIN!… CONQUER & DESTROY this enemy !

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