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REAL ESTATE | VIDEO | New axe throwing business opening soon in Hartford, WI

Hartford, WI – Some familiar faces are putting their entrepreneurial skills front and center again in Hartford, WI as two couples are opening an axe throwing business on Main Street.


“We experimented with a bunch of names,” said business co-owner Robert Ott.

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Ott and his wife Elizabeth opened Horizon Outfitters about a year ago. Within six months they outgrew their spot on E. Jackson Street and moved to a prime location at 15 N. Main Street.

The Ott’s have partnered with friends Andy and Megan Brandt to open Hartford Hatchet House, 75 N. Main Street.

Some of the names tried on for size included: Move your Axes, Axes and O’s, and Smart Axe.

“It was fun coming up with them,” said Elizabeth Ott.

“A lot of the names were already taken,” said Robert Ott.

“Eventually we settled on Hartford Hatchet House,” said Megan Brandt.

There is room in the building, which used to be home to Wisconsin Wear, for five lanes.

“Two of the lanes will be official Wisconsin Axe Throwing League (WATL) lanes,” said Robert. “Because it will be up to the specifics, we’ll be able to host leagues and tournaments.”

There will be three other lanes and the establishment has its eye on serving food and hosting parties.

The couples were participating in a game night at home, and they came up with the idea. “The location on Main Street became available and it all just worked out,” said Robert.

“The space works perfectly for the lanes and there’s a lot of room in back to grow,” said Andy.

Both couples said Hartford is a perfect location and this will help with tourism and give families and friends somewhere to go and something to do.

“Hartford is growing,” said Robert. “It’s a place people want to be.”

Opening of the new Hartford Hatchet House is expected to be within the next few months. The buildout is still underway, and signage and a logo are in final stages.

On a history note: The location used to be home to Wisconsin Wear. Prior to that it was Lotus Be Well, and before that local historians say it was the Sears building. Any further history help appreciated.

Wendy Wendorf

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