Tom Piwoni of Kewaskum has died

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It’s with a heavy heart to relay the news that Tom Piwoni of Kewaskum has died.

Dennis Butz of Kewaskum tapped out a note about the man many neighbors knew as ‘T.’

When it comes to taverns in the Kewaskum area, T has managed or owned just about all of them.

He owned Tom’s Place (which is now an apartment at the bottom of the hill from Hon e Kor), he also ran the bar that is now Kissy’s in Kewaskum,  The 5th Quarter and Trollops just north of town.

We co-owned T and Vern’s back in 1995 which is now the location for Speakeasy..

Photo is courtesy Aaron Laatsch and the Kewaskum Historical Society. This is obviously before Tom’s Place but you’re in the neighborhood.

I remember T’s had a Pabst Blue Ribbon sign outside the front door. T was a strong Kewaskum Indian fan and a great guy in the community.

More details on his passing to be posted shortly.

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