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VIDEO: A heroes welcome in South Korea

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Four Korean War veterans from Washington County arrived in Seoul, South Korea today, Tuesday afternoon, as part of a program hosted by the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs.

Revisit Korea expresses Korea’s appreciation and respect for Korean War veterans who sacrificed themselves to defend Korea’s democracy and peace.

Washington County veterans on the tour include Merlin Stockhausen, Francis Wanty, Norbert Carter and Nick Habersetzer.

The goal of the program is to show the miraculous growth of Korea’s economy, which has been made possible thanks to the sacrifice and contribution of Korean War veterans.

As we circled the airport in Seoul, both Carter and Habersetzer couldn’t believe how green everything was. Veteran Merlin Stockhausen, 86, talked about the growth and development; Stockhausen served in the Army in Korea from 1951-53.

The veterans are staying at the Ambassador Hotel in Seoul. They received a hero’s welcome upon entering the hotel lobby as managers, chefs and staff lined up and gave a huge round of applause when all the vets walked in.

The tour runs through Saturday and you’ll see first-hand updates only at

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