VIDEO | Brett Favre’s message to Hartford McMom Sandy Thiele


January 12, 2020 – Hartford, WI – As the Packers battle the Seahawks in the NFC Division Playoffs we’ll kick a little green and gold your way from Hartford and listen in to Brett Favre’s message to Sandy Thiele as she wrapped up a 26-year career at the Golden Arches in Hartford.

“On behalf of me Brett Favre, we want to wish you a happy retirement. I know you work at McDonald’s in Hartford, Wisconsin for 26 years. You’re known throughout the community for your friendliness and service and you’re going to be greatly missed. So enjoy yourself, enjoy the Packers. Have a wonderful 2020.”

The personal message from the former Packer QB was a gift from restaurant owners Steve Kilian and Steve Kilian Jr.

Below is Kilian’s complete farewell speech to Sandy.  He compared her career to some of the significant marks in history that had happened the last 26 years.







“This McDonald’s opened in 1988,” said Kilian. “In 1992 I bought this restaurant and in 1993 Sandy came along. At that time I was 40 years old and Steve Jr. was 10 years old.”

Some things going on in 1993: Bill Clinton was president, Robin Yount was still playing for the Brewers, Seinfeld was the No. 1 TV show and in 1993 Sandy started her career as the queen of McDonald’s drive thru.”

“Sandy is one of the most dedicated employees I’ve had the pleasure of working with,” said Kilian. “I did the math on this, she’s served 3 million customers and they heard Sandy’s voice on that speaker and they’ve seen her smiling face at the window.”

“She served Happy Meals to kids who are now coming here to serve Happy Meals to their kids,” Kilian said. “She’s seen everything, done everything and she’s done it all with the best attitude any employer could ever ask for.”


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