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West Bend woman faces second OWI/battery charges


A 34-year-old City of West Bend woman is currently in custody at the Washington County Jail where she will face a second offense OWI charge as well as two counts of battery to a police officer as a result of a driving compliant that occurred on Sunday evening at 6:33 pm.

A citizen had called 911 reporting that a vehicle was driving erratically and actually drove the caller off the road in the area of Pleasant Valley Rd and County Trunk P. The vehicle was located when a homeowner in the 4900 block of Birchwood Trail contacted the Washington County Sheriff’s Department to report the same vehicle was seen pulling into and parking in their driveway.  The second caller also reported that the driver appeared to be impaired.

The driver refused to do any type of testing when the deputy arrived and was subsequently taken into custody for second offense OWI.  After being placed under arrest, she became uncooperative and aggressive towards deputies. Once in custody, the woman began to spit at the transporting deputy and inside the interior of the squad car.  She also vomited in the squad car.  A specialized “spit mask” was placed on her to keep her from spitting at the deputies upon arrival to the hospital where she received a legal blood draw.  Prior to the mask being put in place, and while awaiting for the search warrant, she kicked a deputy in the left leg and head-butted another deputy in the chest. She later bit that same deputy in the right arm.  The male deputy that was kicked and the female deputy that was head-butted and bit were not injured.

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