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What’s next for Meijer in West Bend?


March 29, 2017 – West Bend, WI – The most popular question in West Bend lately (aside from Pizza Ranch) is ‘When is Meijer opening?’

Here’s the little bit I know:

  • The city of West Bend building inspection was at Meijer this week to review occupancy for an in-store pharmacy.
  • There is shelving inside the building but no stock. One of the keys to when it will open will be when semi after semi comes in to deliver goods.  So far, that hasn’t happened.
  • Meijer recently hosted a job fair at the Washington County Fair Park. The West Bend store will employ 300 people. In a job posting the retailer said “it’s looking to hire clerks, cashiers, meat cutters and cake decorators, as well as staff members in customer service and receiving.”
  • There will be a Starbucks inside Meijer on S. Main Street. The Starbucks logo has yet to go up on the side of the building.
  • Meijer is apparently still looking for a couple commercial and retail tenants. Normally Meijer has a bank, glasses outlet and a hair salon.  So far, the West Bend store has a pharmacy.
  • The 192,940-square-foot Meijer store is on a 32-acre lot that used to be home to Northfield Block and prior to that Bend Industries. If you’re on Parkway Drive you can see a 31,000-square-foot outdoor garden center on the north side of the building; there’s also going to be parking for 970 vehicles.
  • Early word is the new Meijer in Greenfield is opening in mid-April.
  • Meijer will open its first U.P. store in Escanaba, Michigan this summer followed by one in Sault Ste. Marie.
  • Meijer is also opening a store in Howard, WI; that’s in the Green Bay area.
  • Part of the store pattern is that Meijer brothers and company co-chairs Hank and Doug Meijer attend opening day of the new stores.

The MILLION dollar question: When will Meijer in West Bend open?  Here’s my prediction – the Meijer in West Bend will open May 22.


What’s your guess? Let’s say the first person to post the correct day Meijer in West Bend opens will get together and win a Meijer sandwich and beverage of choice and then we’ll sit in the garden center and celebrate how cheeky and smart we are!

Let’s begin: I’ve got dibbs on May 22.


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