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A number of registration stations begin closing today; warm weather and low harvest are factors. By Ryan Koenigs

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Feb. 20, 2017 – Fond du Lac, WI – We are now through the second weekend of sturgeon spearing and effort continues to decrease with each passing day.  A total of 17 fish were registered on Sunday with 14 coming from Lake Winnebago and 3 more from the Upriver Lakes.  The largest fish in Sunday’s harvest was 132.2 pounds (75.2”) and registered at Calumet Harbor by Ryan Feldner of Fond du Lac.

Due to the decreased effort, and in turn harvest, we have decided to close the majority of our registration stations for the remainder of the season.

Starting Monday we will maintain two registration stations on Lake Winnebago and one registration station on the Upriver Lakes.  Stockbridge Harbor will remain open to cover any fish registered on the north and east shores, while spearers harvesting fish along the west shore can register fish at the Asylum Bay DNR Fisheries Headquarters (on the west shore (3395 Sherman Rd, Oshkosh).  Critter’s will be the only registration station open on the Upriver Lakes.

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