Registered sex offender released in West Bend | By Police Chief Kenneth Meuler

November 22, 2019 – West Bend, WI – A registered sex offender has been released this week in the 400 block of Babalee Lane in West Bend.   Below is the information shared with residents.

November 19, 2019
Dear Resident,

The attached bulletin is being sent to you to make you aware of a sex offender that is living in the City of West Bend. Please read the bulletin and if after reading the bulletin and this letter you have any questions or concerns I encourage you to call either my office or any of the agents or supervisors from the Department of Corrections. The reason for this letter and bulletin is to make you and your neighbors aware of all the steps and precautions that the Department of Corrections and law enforcement have and will take to ensure the safety of everyone in the City.

Daniel Marsh, registered sex offender

The sex offender, Daniel Marsh, has served his prison sentence and has been released with intense supervision by the Department of Corrections and area law enforcement. Mr. Marsh will be living at 414 Babalee Lane. In addition to the information in the bulletin, you should be aware of the following actions we have and will be taking. Officials from the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, the West Bend Police Department, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, the West Bend School District and the Washington County District Attorney’s Office have discussed the conditions and restrictions Mr. Marsh will be subject to. The Department of Corrections has placed Mr. Marsh under intense supervision and has given him 32 rules he must follow. Some of those rules are highlighted on the attached bulletin. Mr. Marsh will be monitored at all times by a Global Positioning System (GPS). There are areas Mr. Marsh is forbidden to go to including; schools, parks and playgrounds. If he goes to any of the restricted areas the GPS will alert the Department of Corrections and area law enforcement. If any citizen observes or has reason to believe that Mr. Marsh has violated a condition of his parole they should immediately call the West Bend Police Department.

As we do with all sex offenders living in the City of West Bend, police officers and agents from the Department of Corrections will be making regular unscheduled visits to Mr. Marsh’s residence. We will work to ensure Mr. Marsh’s release is successful. If we find any evidence Mr. Marsh has violated any conditions of his supervision, we will immediately take him into custody and request that his parole be revoked. Our goal is to ensure everyone’s safety.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and for helping to keep this community safe. I know this is an uncomfortable topic for residents, but one every community faces. By keeping you informed and working together I hope to alleviate many of the fears you and your neighbors may have. Again, if you have any questions or concerns please call my office or any of the numbers listed on the bulletin. In addition, if your neighbors, school, or community group would like to meet regarding any issues regarding the release of offenders into the community, please contact my office.


Kenneth J. Meuler
Chief of Police

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