Tough game for UW-Washington County vs. UW-Marathon County | By Mitchell Bury



Sept. 16, 2017 – Washington Co., WI – The UW-Washington County soccer team suffered a 6-2 loss to conference foe UW-Marathon County.

The team performed admirably considering it took the field with only nine players.

Due to a lack of substitutes on both sides, teams agreed to play four 22-minute quarters to allow the players to get water.

After the third quarter, two UW-WC players were injured. In an act of true sportsmanship, UW-Marathon took several of their players off the field to make the teams even.

While playing in goal, Michael Anderson had 13 saves on 18 shots.

Lucian Lucas had 2 saves on 3 shots. Both goals for UW-WC were scored by Phil Bledsoe and assisted by Michael Anderson.

The Wildcats next match is Wednesday, Sept. 20 at UW-Fox Valley.

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