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Village of Jackson weekly updates by John M. Walther

Author: | Posted in Uncategorized No comments continues to work to grow its Partner in Media program and this week we welcome the Village of Jackson. Village Administrator John M. Walther will provide weekly updates on some of the happenings in the Village.

Police Department

The Chief attended the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association mid-winter training conference in Wisconsin Dells. This also marked the end of his term as “immediate past president” and president of the group’s charitable foundation.

There were two OWI arrests last weekend.

Fire Department

Several members of the JFD traveled to Wautoma Tuesday evening to pay their respects to a long time member of the department that passed away.

FF/EMT Huyser taught a basic first aid class at the Humane Society Wednesday afternoon for fifteen employees.
Wednesday night the JFD was called for a semi that had a leak in one of its fuel tanks. The truck struck something on USH 45 and continued to his stop at the Post Office. Crews stopped the leak, contained, and then collected about  25 gallons of diesel fuel.

Joint Parks and Recreation

Congratulations and many thanks to all the businesses and individuals that sponsored, donated, volunteered, and attended Monte Carlo Night – the Joint Parks and Recreation Department’s major annual fundraiser held at the Jackson Area Community Center. We had another very enjoyable event this year and hope to net just over $15,000 for the department.

The Tot Timers had a great time Friday with their Valentine’s Day party; many hugs and smiles were shared.

Saturday afternoon is the Southeast Park and Recreation Council (SEPRC) Free Throw Contest. Thanks to the Optimists Club for continuing to sponsor this annual event.

Family Movie Night is scheduled for next Friday, Feb. 19 at 7 p.m., featuring the “Minions”. There will be a prize for the best dressed Minion Family! Thanks to Kettlebrook Church for partnering with us for the Family Fun Nights.
Tickets are now on sale for the Park & Rec. and the Celtic Company – Family Irish Dinner, Saturday, March 5. There will be music by The Celtic Company, Rambler and FrogWater. The homemade Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner is Wonderful! Get your tickets today! ($8 for adults and $5 for kids 3 – 12; Kids two and under are free).

The Easter Egg Hunt is quickly approaching and is early this year March 19! We are accepting donations of individually wrapped candy to stuff into the eggs on Wednesday, March 16 – We could also use a number of volunteers for egg-stuffing that evening. Please consider helping. It’s a lot of fun.

Building Inspection

A final inspection was completed for Price Engineering on Industrial Drive. A temporary occupancy was granted with a few items to correct. Price Engineering specializes in hydraulics.

Jim received notice from the technical analyst at Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) that his action plan allowed for the reinstatement of the Village’s rating to a Level 3 on one and two family homes. The commercial rating will remain at Level 4 at this time until the state adopts the 2015 International Building Code and 2017 National Electrical Code. The electrical code is expected to be adopted in October.

Public Works

The Jackson Water Utility has begun the next round of water meter change outs. The annual water withdrawal report has been completed. There were thirty Digger’s Hotline locates for the month of January averaging one and a half per day. The plumbing froze and burst at a Green Valley manufactured home, with 100,000 gallons passing through the meter. The home was vacant. The leak was noticed when someone saw water flowing out of the back of the home.

The Streets and Parks Department continues with routine maintenance and necessary winter operations.
West wing offices are being cleaned and painted, along with the long-awaited installation of new carpet.

At the WWTP, the new boiler and burner controls were delivered and are being prepared for installation.
The jetter truck is at Bruce Municipal for the wiring repairs. The televising of sewer laterals is now being performed concurrently with the water meter change out procedure. Crews pumped out a catch basin near a diesel spill. The spill was contained by the JFD, but the assurance of complete recovery was desired.


The clerk’s office is preparing for the February 16 primary election. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Voters will need to show Photo ID in order to receive a ballot.

Deanna met with Village Auditor Jim Frechette on Thursday.

Administrator Governor Scott Walker held a listening session at the Village Hall on Thursday afternoon with a cross section of approximately 40 invited business owners, community leaders, students, and others. The positive 90- minute session was part of the Working for Wisconsin: 2020 Vision Project. The Governor served as the facilitator for the session. The group’s task was to envision what the State of Wisconsin should look like in 20 years.

In the lawsuit brought about by the Town of Jackson and the Jackson Residents Against Attachment against the Village of Jackson regarding the long-held Village and Town of Jackson Revenue Sharing Agreement and Cooperative Boundary Plan; the judge has ordered the parties to enter mediation. The mediator and mediation schedule are being determined. The mediation must be scheduled in advance of a trial which has been scheduled for the last week in May.

Village Administrator John M. Walther

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