Weekly updates from the Village of Jackson


    Fire Department

    The process of transitioning the chief’s duties over to the daytime staff and officers has begun. Thanks to Paula and Deanna for their help with everything.

    Monday night training included a review of hazardous materials response. After a brief classroom session we practiced donning level A and level B hazmat suits and reviewed all hazmat gear on engine 1260. We also worked with several props to practice plugging leaks in various types of pipes, tanks, and barrels.

    All grass fire equipment was inspected for the upcoming season. Several minor repairs were completed by the daytime staff.

    A grant application through the National Volunteer Fire Council was submitted. If awarded, we would receive four complete sets of turnout gear for our department.

    Thursday evening Jim attended the Washington County EMS Committee meeting at the West Bend Fire Department, which included representatives from various county EMS agencies, local hospitals, emergency management, state EMS office, and the county health department; to discuss current issues affecting our agencies.

    Joint Parks and Recreation

    The Family Irish Dinner was well-attended, with 85 dinners being served. There were lots of compliments. A huge thank you to Renee for cooking all the food and coordinating the event with the Celtic Company! This is such a fun family event and we hope that it continues to grow every year.

    Wednesday the Friends Group met to discuss the Jackson 5k event during Action in Jackson.
    Renee accompanied the seniors on their bus trip to Escanaba, Michigan, from Monday until Wednesday. Everyone had a great time.

    The Seniors St. Patrick’s day lunch is scheduled for Thursday, March 17 at 11:30 a.m. Entertainment with De Ja Vu Silly Sisters and bingo will follow. They always have a good time!

    Renee is attending the regional free throw basketball tournament, Saturday, March 12 at West Allis Central High School. We have seven individuals representing Jackson this year!

    Volunteers are still needed for Easter Egg Stuffing on Wednesday, March 16 and for the event on Saturday, March 19. Please call if you are able and willing to help – (262) 677-9665.

    Building Inspection

    A Green Valley resident has refused to allow the Washington County Department of Elderly Services entry to the home regarding the issue of unsafe living conditions. One more attempt will be made in advance of an inspection warrant. More to follow . . .

    Code enforcement issues are being caught up on.

    Public Works

    The Jackson Water Utility continues working on the normal meter changeouts, Digger’s Hotline locates, repaired broken valve boxes, and radio installations. We are now halfway through the meter changeout program. The generator at Well #5 received a new voltage regulator. The generator then overheated. Now the stator needs to be replaced. The flushing station at the end of Crosswind Trail has been reinstalled.

    The Street & Parks Department conducted regular vehicle and building maintenance, cold patching, and replacing broken trash containers. The Village Hall landscaping beds were cleaned and the lawn was raked this week. Garbage in the parks was collected, and playground equipment cleaned and checked. The filters were changed at the Community Center on all heating and cooling equipment. The trailer received new tires. The remaining salt being stored at Grafton’s salt shed has been retrieved. Due to the warm weather, the park restrooms have been opened during the day, and will also be open on the weekends beginning the weekend of March 19.

    At the WWTP, the #1 Schreiber clarifier bridge stopped functioning on Saturday, March 5. Upon transferring the wastewater to the #2 clarifier to repair five sheared bolts in the bridge arm, the two turbo blowers supplying air to the clarifier failed. After several days of troubleshooting, 700 feet of wiring in seven different runs between the clarifier building and the blower building were found to be brittle with several breaks. All of the wiring is now in the process of being replaced. A temporary wiring solution was implemented until the permanent replacement is complete. Both tanks are now back online. The SCADA system kickoff meeting was held on Tuesday, March 8. The temporary digester boiler is being installed March 18 to allow boiler rehabilitation project to begin on Monday, March 21.

    The Wilshire Drive Reconstruction Project is being advertised for the March 22nd bid opening. There was a meeting this week with Graef Engineering to finalize work on the Storm Water Management Plan and General Storm Water Discharge Permit.


    Absentee ballots for the April 5, 2016 election have been mailed to those that have a request on file.
    Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is scheduled to have office hours at the Village Hall on Friday morning (March 18) at 11:45 a.m.


    The Association of Government Risk Pools (AGRIP) held its Governance and Leadership Conference this week. The Village, in association with CVMIC, was represented. Some of the topics included Cybersecurity, Public Entity Drone Use, De-Escalation Strategies for Law Enforcement, and Futuring Conversations involving Leadership, Technology, Catastrophic Weather Events, and New Generations in the Workplace.

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