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Construction update on Highway 60 and 83 in Hartford

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Update on construction in Hartford from city Engineer Jason Schall

I spoke to WE Energies this afternoon.  They were working in the intersection of Hwy. 60 and Hwy. 83 today.  They did have the southbound lane of Hwy. 83 closed while working today.  They needed to excavate a trench through that part of the intersection in order for them to monitor the boring for the gas main installation.  There are a lot of utilities to cross at this location and this is the only way for them to be sure they do not hit any of them during the boring process. 

They have covered the trench with a steel plate for tonight and the southbound lane of Hwy. 83 will be open for the night. 

The contractor is now ready to bore the east-west portion of the gas main.  They will begin this work first thing in the morning.  While they are boring, they will need to expose the trench they dug today and the southbound lane of Hwy. 83 will be closed at the intersection.  Traffic will need to utilize the detour on Grand Ave. that was detailed in previous emails.  They are hoping to complete this east-west boring tomorrow.  When this boring and gas main installation is complete, the contractor will backfill the trench and open the southbound lane of Hwy. 83.  They will patch the trench with temporary concrete until the spring when a permanent concrete patch can be installed. 

The contractor will bore and install the north-south portion of the gas main early next week.  I will continue to send updates as the work progresses.

The outside eastbound lane of Hwy. 60 is closed to traffic through this area and will remain closed for several weeks until the gas main is completed.

Jason W. Schall, P.E.

City Engineer

City of Hartford

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